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What is a trail?

A trail is a collection of points of interest in a locality with information at each point and navigational advice between them.
It is a fun way of exploring and learning more about the area you are in.

Why TiCL App?

TiCL App allows you to:

2. CREATE A TRAIL (without having to put anything on the ground)

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You can often find Trails on TiCL by searching (magnifying glass) in the Category 'Attractions-Trails'.
If there is not one nearby perhaps you would like to CREATE one?

In Putney all these examples are Trails:

TiCL Trail 1

Key Features:

TiCL Trail 2

TiCL Trail 3

TiCL App's Direct Me Compass literally points to each point of interest and gives a distance to it as the crow flies:

TiCL Trail 4

CREATING A TRAIL (or 'Dynamic' Trail)
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Planning the Trail and getting started:

A Trail is usually a collection of Points of Interest (POIs) in a small area (walking distance).
Examples might include 'Sculptures in a sculpture park ' or 'Independent Shops in a town'.

TiCL can be used to create larger trails across cities, counties, countries or even continents! Please contact contact@ticl.me if you are interested in creating such a Trail

1. Decide which POIs you want to include in the trail
2. Chose a location for the headline. This is best at the entrance of a venue if all the POI are inside a venue or roughly in the middle of all the POI if they are out in the open.
3. Chose the Title of the Trail eg 'Putney Ale Trail', a picture that sums up the Trail and for 'More' a 140 character description of the Trail eg '6 of The Best Real Ale Pubs in Putney'.
4. On TiCL App press TiCL Add Headline in the top right hand corner and 'Submit' this information WHILE YOU ARE ACTUALLY AT THE LOCATION.

Adding Points of Interest (POIs):

5. Go to the first POI
6. Press on the Headline of the Trail you are creating
7. Press Add article to the List Below
8. Add a photo and information about the POI
10. Continue to the next POI and do the same until the Trail is complete

Making a Dynamic Trail:

We call a Trail in which the Points of Interest edit and update their own information independently of you a 'dynamic trail'.
To create a dynamic trail:

create the 'Headline' of the Trail (Steps 1-4 above)

ask the person who will be responsible at each POI for updating and editing the information there to follow steps 7-9 above)

Extra functionality you can give a Trail

1. You can add weblinks to the Headline and each of the Articles (POIs)
2. You can prevent others from contributing POI and comments on your trail
3. You can put it in the Category 'Attractions-Trails' which will make it easier to find.

To access these functions you will need to enable Premium Editing which costs one token.

press on your Trail Headline after you have created it
press 'Edit' in the top right hand corner
press 'Premium Editing'
press Premium Editing 1 token

Tokens can be purchased through the App store and Google Play.

How long will my Trail last on TiCL?

At creation a Trail is given a 12hour duration. This can be extended to 24hours for FREE and longer at the cost of one token per day.

To Extend the duration of the Trail (headline)

press on the Trail Headline
Press Edit or Extend in the top right hand corner

Tokens to extend the duration of a headline can be purchased through the App Store and Google Play

.... and more?

If you are interested in creating a longer lasting trail for charitable reasons or for periods of longer than 3 months please contact contact@ticl.me. In some situations TiCL Media Limited will subsidise the cost of a trail.

Advertising your Trail

You can find information about using our branding to market your trail at: https://ticl.me/brand