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About Location Services

Here at TiCL we aim to show you what's going on where you are right now.
You have been brought to this page as we have been unable to confirm your location.
We check a contributor's location before they contribute to TiCL so that we know the information that is provided to us is really local.

We do not use location information provided to us for any other reason.

There are a few possible reasons for this failure:

1. You are using a browser version that does not support the current HTML5 standards.
2. You have opted not to allow your browser to use location services.
3. You have not allowed your browser to allow this specific site to use location services.

Our site is designed to work best with the latest HTML5 standards including the W3C Geolocation API.
These standards have been adopted in the following browser versions (listed alphabetically).

For Browser specific guidance, please select the appropriate link below:

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